Pre-licensing course Queens Jackson Heights NY. MV-278 Course. 5 hour class NY. Mandatory 5 Hour Course for road test NY

Price: cash or by card $ 50


Must have new york state learner permit card or temporary learner receipt with new york state photo id Or old driving license only accepted. No exceptions.

What is the 5 hour driving class NY  ?

5 hour class is a NY state dmv deigned and standardized classroom course. It provides knowledge you will need as a new driver.The course covers many important topics, including-

  • Driver habits and skills
  • Alcohol,other drugs and driving and
  • Feelings,attitudes and risk taking

Is the 5 hour class mandatory?

Yes, in new york state 5 hour class is manadatory by law. every student who wants to acquire a driving license from NY, they must have 5 hour class completion certificate.

How much is a 5 hour driving class in NY?

5 hour driving class fee by card $45 and by cash only $40.

Is there a test for the 5 hour class?

there is no test for the 5 hour class ny. end of the class every student will receive their 5 hour course completion certificate.

How long is the 5 hour pre- licensing course valid?

Your 5-hour certificate is valid for one year from the date it is issued. If your 5 hour certificate expires. Therefore, you must complete the class again to receive the certificate. After that you can schedule a road test.Your 5 hour certificate must be valid on the date that you make your road test appointment,but can be expired on the date you take road test. you want fast road test appointment click here please.

If I Lost my 5-Hour class certificate ?

You must have the original  certificate with you on the day of your road test. But In case you  lost your certificate you can asked your original certificate provider school to issue you one duplicate certificate. And Duplicate certificate fee is  $20.

Do I need to take the 5 hour driving course if my license expired more than 8 years ago, but I had one before?

By the new york state dmv law any one who wants to acquire a license from ny, they must have the 5 hour course completion certificate. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to take the road test ny,even though you had driving license before or long time driving experience.

When can I take my road test?

If you have the 5 hour class course completion certificate and learner permit card available, then you can book your road test with dmv as soon as possible. There is no rule that you have to wait certain period of time, for road test NY. It depends on how soon you can find an appointment with dmv.

What do I bring to my road test?

5 hour class cerificate and learner permit card must. If you have eye glass bring that too. for under age of 18 must have form MV-262, signed by Parents or Guardians.

How long takes to DMV to mail the driver license after road test NY?

If you passed the road test dmv will send your drivers license to your home address. You do not need to go any dmv office or you do not need to pay any fee for that. Most probably within 2 weeks you will received the mail from dmv. If not then you should contact or visit any dmv office NY.



How do illegal immigrants obtain a driver license to drive legally in the NY?

You do not need a Social Security card to apply for a license or permit

Under the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act, driver license applicants who have never been issued a Social Security Number are eligible to apply.

You must sign an Affidavit (sworn statement) of never having been issued a Social Security Number when you apply for a standard driver license


Documents you will need to apply

All Applicants for a standard driver license must show a combination of documents that prove 1. name, 2. date of birth, and 3. New York State residency.

In addition to the combination of proofs we currently accept, beginning December 16, 2019, we will also accept

  • a valid, unexpired foreign passport issued by your country of citizenship
  • a valid, unexpired consular identification document issued by a consulate
  • a valid foreign driver license that includes your photo, and which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Permanent Resident Card, which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Employment Authorization Card, which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Border Crossing Card
  • U.S. Municipal ID Card (e.g. NYC ID) with photo
  • foreign marriage or divorce record or court issued name change decree
  • foreign birth certificate

Review the standard license and permit guide to see a list of all proofs that will be accepted effective December 16, 2019

Why i need 5 hour class NY?

Pre licensing course NY. 5 hour Certificate class Queens NY. MV-278 queens, Jackson Heights.5 hour course NY.

Need a 5 hour certificate, because you need it to schedule your road test . therefore you can attend the road test ny. No problem we are here to help you. however, you must have a New York state learner permit card or interim receipt with New York state photo ID or old driving license to attend the 5 hour class NY . incase, you do not have learner permit or maybe  expired click here please.

5 Hour Class Queens NY

5 hour class is mandatory in  New York state, and  we provide the class here in Jackson Heights.our address is 72-26 Broadway, 4th fl, Jackson Heights NY 11372. You will get the certificate end of the class, in addition this 5 hour certificate is good for one year from the issued date.

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We have a class three times in a week.In addition we are very close to the E,F,R,M and 7 train Subway.To attend the class must need to make an appointment.  And the Price is cash and by card $ 50


3 pm- 8 pm


11 AM- 4 PM


10am- 3 pm



5 PM – 10 PM


5 PM – 10 PM

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