Get your expedited road test date here. usually it takes 7-8 weeks to find a road test date with dmv. Most probably you are here now that you can not wait 7-8 weeks for your next road test appointment.no problem we are here to help you.just tell us how soon you want the road test date and what date to what date is perfect for you.our team will en-tirelessly work to find a date.best thing is you will only pay us when your test date has been confirmed with DMV.

Now you might thinking what you need for expedited road test date?.you must have unexpired 5 hour certificate and new York state valid learner permit card.if you do not have learner permit card then interim permit with new York state ID with photo must have. please note USA passport,green card or other state id is not accepted.


Once we found a date for you we will let you know immediately.our team will send you text message or email.We will give you road test location address,test time and date.if you are going to the road test by yourself it is your responsibility to know how to go the road test site. You can find your road test location address here.Make sure you have to be your road test site at least 30 min.before your road test time.If you fail to give your road test for any kind of paper related reason (5 hour certificate,learner permit card missing etc.) we will not be responsible for that at all.


    On the road test day I have to be your office address at least 70 minutes before my road test timemust have my 5 hour certificate and valid learner permit card with me

    Before going to the road test every student should practice enough. Even though you have a long time driving experienced still you should take lesson with any driving school instructor and make sure you are ready. Remember if you had a driving experience outside of New York or anywhere in the world then you might need couple of hours driving practice before road test. we highly recommend before road test booked a lesson with any driving school instructor and asked them if you need more practice or not. DRIVING BY YOURSELF OR DRIVING WITH FRIENDS IS NOT THE SAME DRIVING WITH PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR AND ROAD TEST in NEW YORK CITY. thanks for understanding

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